Apart from improving the landscaping quality of the surroundings where it is found, public art does an important function of identity and social union, because it allows the citizens to coexist with art works and feel them as their own. Thus, the encouragement of the community’s interest towards culture is achieved, the lives of people in those surroundings improved and the attention of visitors contemplating the works is attracted.

There are many reasons why a municipality or organization would commission a sculpture for the public space, but they all share one same concern of communicating through art:

  • To host. Sculptures create welcoming spaces.
  • To commemorate. A work of art allows people, historic events, dates or outstanding events to be remembered.
  • To identify. Artistic elements distinguish and personalise spaces, and turn into reference points.
  • To unite. Sculptures become part of the emotional scenery of the people that surround them and they become identity symbols.
  • To share. By the placement of works in open spaces, new spaces for public participation are created.
  • To educate. Public art encourages the coexistence of people with art, promotes education and the interest for artistic displays.

BENITOartis® offers several options of sculptural works to adapt to every customer objective and requirement.